September 27th  — October 25th, 2017

Galerie Gisela Clement Lotharstrasse 104 53115 Bonn , Germany

PREVIEW on Tuesday the 26th of September 19:00 

NEUE KONSTELLATION ist Timo Kubes erste Einzelpräsentation in der Bonner Galerie Gisela Clement.Seine sorgfältig gesetzten räumlichen Kompositionen aus Wand- und Bodenobjekten, sowie unbehandelten Materialien und ortsspezifischen architektonischen Eingriffen, führen beim Betrachter zur kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit der eigenen Wahrnehmung. Das Verhältnis von Wahrnehmung und Realität steht im Zentrum seiner künstlerischen Auseinandersetzung.
Kube verwendet natürliche und industrielle Materialien wie Ton, Steine, Beton, Schaumstoff, Textilien, Polyester und Spiegel. Die minimal anmutenden Objekte, oder ’devices’ wie Kube sie nennt, können als autonome Werke betrachtet werden. Gleichzeitig geht es Kube immer auch um die  Auflösung der Objektgrenzen zugunsten des formalen und inhaltlichen Zusammenhangs der jeweiligen Ausstellungssituation – daher NEUE KONSTELLATION.

/saɪt/  invitation


01  — 23 July, 2017

21Willowbrook Road 21 Willowbrook Road SE15 6BW London , UK

PREVIEW Friday the 30th of June 18:00 - 21:00

OPEN Saturdays & Sundays 12:00 - 17:00 and by appointment

“I began looking more than a week ago. Back then it was a piece of transparent plastic. A vertical strip stretched between floor and ceiling. The clear polyester was extremely thin and appeared fragile. The best way to observe it was by moving around it. While moving I could see it changing; the shifting reflections of light alongside dimly reflected objects and features of the room. From certain angles it disappeared entirely. Sometimes I could see my reflection popping up like a ghostly apparition across the room. After days of observation between morning and evening, all of a sudden it was nothing like before. I must have nodded off, or maybe the changes were too slow for me to notice them. The transparency had turned opaque. The glossy surface had become matt. Most astoundingly the former straight strip had become multiple amorphous lumps. A solid pile of purple-red clay. There I am again. I am waiting, waiting to see.”

Traversing painting and sculpture Timo Kube’s artwork deconstructs perception – a phenomenological concept that is spatially and temporally formed between spectator, object and image.
He uses natural and industrial materials such as clay, concrete, rocks, foam, fabrics, polyester and mirror in order to create objects, or spatial devices as he calls them, that offer a personal encounter with the relationship between reality and perception.
In this exhibition titled /saɪt/ Kube draws attention not only to the objects brought in from his studio, but also to the uniquely shaped and situated space itself.
/saɪt/ is the phonetic transcription of all three homophonous words ‘site, ‘sight’ and ‘to cite’ and stands metaphorically for how the site unravels in sight of the beholder in relation to the viewer’s preconceptions and knowledge.
The pieces on show comprise subtle alterations of the exhibition space, raw materials from both the site and the artist’s studio as well as objects that are conventionally recognizable as works of art. These objects evoke a feeling of a careful but ephemeral placement subject to change.

From the portfolio

Untitled silk (in grey) #4

Untitled silk (in grey) #4, 2015

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